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Looking for an explainer video for your company?

A whiteboard video is a great tool to promote a certain type of product or company. Especially when it comes to a complicated product or manufacturing process, or when you have a lot of figures to present, a whiteboard video is the perfect way to convey it to customers and / or employees.

More information about the proven effect of whiteboard animation  can be found here .

When should you (definitely) go for a whiteboard video?

While an explainer video can describe any company or product, the whiteboard style is not always the best style. Whether it fits or not depends on your message, your marketing objectives and the services or products you want to offer.

Having said this, under certain conditions this style of animation has become a "must have". Here are a few examples of the circumstances in which we recommend them:

If your products or services are complicated or highly technical:

By their nature and aesthetics, whiteboard animations are extremely educational. They are similar to the signs that we have used for years at business meetings and in school classrooms.

There is something about having a white space - free from distraction - and seeing the information unravel in front of you make it easier to follow the ideas. There are even studies showing  that using such an arrangement can improve information retention by 15%.

When elements of your message depend on really complex ideas, a whiteboard explainer video is the ideal way to convey them in an engaging, fun and interesting way.

When you need to deal with a lot of information:

Like other types of explainer videos, a whiteboard explainer video has a great ability to compile and condense information effectively. What is unique about whiteboard videos is their presentation, which allows viewers to unfold ideas without distraction and while retaining their interest.

This form of media allows you to shoot even longer-than-average videos and still be entertaining. This unique dynamic of content and presentation allows you to put more content into it than you would otherwise with other forms of presentation. There is a risk that your audience will feel bored quickly.

If you want a light-hearted, yet business-like tone for B2B:

Do not get me wrong; this video style is equally effective in a B2C environment.
But if your goal is to quickly grab attention and get the interest of other companies, using whiteboard animation can give you an edge. Their sleek and clean aesthetics, combined with a thorough yet short script and the signature humor of this style, make them ideal for business environments.

There are of course other examples where the whiteboard film can work, but these are a few for which they will likely be the best alternative.

Interested? Request more information or a quote!

If, after reading this page or our blog article, you believe that whiteboard video is the right way to promote your product or business, or to educate your co-workers about something, do not hesitate to request more information. You can also contact us for a tailor-made offer via our contact form!

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